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I thought that a great first for the blog would be one about my Freshman year in college.  I know that many people are out there with burning questions about what to expect their first year of college, and I am here to help. You can expect many more college related posts, as well as lifestyle tips and advice from my blog.

My experience was not the typical one, I faced so many ups and downs this year. But I would not trade it for the world. So, here goes nothing . . .

University of Virginia

Initially, I started school at the University of Virginia in August 2015. UVA was my "dream school". It was everything that I had ever wanted in a college. It was big, it had Division-1 athletics teams,  it was considered public ivy league, the school had rich history, and it was prestigious. Like i said, it was my "dream school". I was beyond excited to attend. That summer prior to the first semester, I was counting down the days. I would always check my countdown application on my phone to see how much time I had left until I was on grounds.

UVA was everything I had anticipated it to be. Being that the school was so highly ranked, the course work was definitely something I had yet to adjust to.  My intended major at UVA was Media Studies while being Pre-Commerce. Pre-Commerce or "pre-comm" refers to students intending to apply to the School of Business during their second year at the University. My ultimate goal was to somewhat form my own degree in Public Relations, since the university lacked a program for my interests.

The rich traditions of the school, the preppy students, and the elitism, all made me feel as if I were going to college in a movie. UVA was beautiful, it made me feel like the stereotypical college student attending a big university away from home. All of these good vibes were so nostalgic within my first month there. I enjoyed everything about the school, I was in love. However, that flame of passion I had for the school began to fade away ...

After the first month of school, and all the hype of being in college began to leave my system. I began to regret my decision of choosing UVA. I was no longer happy, the classes were hard. I began to loathe being there altogether. I called my mom all the time to complain about the school. Also, around this time, I began to watch vlogs about Hampton University, one of the schools I had applied to and originally wanted to go to. I saw masses of black intellectuals having the time of their life, meanwhile I was stuck at a school that I no longer wanted to be at. I wanted what they had. I didn't want to be at UVA anymore, I wanted their experience. I wanted the HBCU experience.

After that, I told my mom what was going on. She was in complete support of my decision. After that, I began the process of transferring to Hampton University for my second semester of college. After deciding to leave UVA, i felt so much more happy and could not wait to leave the school. Although, i do miss many of the people I met at UVA. Ultimately, I had to do what was best for me.

Hampton University

I swear transferring to Hampton had to have been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. The atmosphere was so different, the people were so different. Everything was different .. and I mean the good different too.

One of my primary reasons for transferring was academics, I wouldn't just leave because of the social setting, that's shallow. And i know I'm going to college to get an education, not party. Unlike UVA, Hampton offered a great Public Relations program. Along with their program, their school of communications was extremely advanced. They had mac labs, classes on video editing, photo editing, news writing, photography, etc. Their school was legit. I recommend Hampton University for anyone pursuing the media industry, it is simply amazing!!!

The social scene at Hampton is amazing too. There are always fashion shows going on, Greek organizations are always hosting events. Hampton is lit! One of my fondest memories of this past semester was Battle of the States, or BOTS. BOTS is a competition between freshman students based on their region. Students are competing in three portions: fashion, dance, and talent. Only three regions move on to the talent portion, because that is the tie breaker. The regions that participate are the North, DMV, South, Midwest, and West. I participated with the best region of all ... the SOUTHSIDE. We ended up winning the competition. Here is a link to watch our BOTS Performance !

After participating in BOTS, they rest of the semester seemed to fly by. I had made a great amount of friends through my experience, which really enhance my social life on campus. I met up with different people and created strong relationships with professors and students across the campus.

As stated before, my transition to Hampton was one of the best decisions I've made by far. I am much more happier being at Hampton. I am pursuing a career in the field that I want. My grades are amazing. Everything is just working out in my best interest. I truly thank God for it!

But yeah, that was what my first year of college was like. I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have or feel free to hit me up on any of my social media accounts. Also, be on the look out for a Freshman Advice post for all of the incoming freshman of college. I feel as though, I will make two posts; One for the general public and one specifically for Hampton freshman. I'll see you guys in my next post!

-Mikey :]

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