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Today's post is all about Veganism. For a while now, I have been interested in eating much healthier. I've definitely tried my best to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. However, it never seems to work out the best.

Last night, I decided to really do some research about going vegan. I know, I know, it seems like such a major step to take just to eat healthy. But after doing this minimal research, I feel as though it's going to be a great lifestyle change. I thought I would share some of the information that I recently discovered about Veganism.

First off, there is more than one type of vegan. There's an Ethical Vegan, Plant-Based Vegan, Raw Vegan and Junk Food Vegan.

Ethical Vegans  are those who truly love and care about animals and the environment. Which means they do not eat any products that come from animals (meats, dairy, eggs, cheese, etc.), they don't wear any clothing that is made from animals (leather, silk, etc.), they don't use any cosmetics that were tested on animals, and they even avoid stores that sell any of these products.

Plant-Based Vegans are those who only indulge in foods that originate from the ground. They also avoid any processed, greasy,  or refined items in order to secure their diet.

Raw Vegans solely eat raw food. They don't eat any foods that are cooked above 115 degrees because they feel as though the majority of nutrients are lost once they become cooked.

Junk Food Vegans are just like normal eaters except all of their food is modified to fit their lifestyle/diet. They still eat cookies, pizza, cake, etc. except it does not contain any products from animals. The majority of these products contain substitutes for animal products.

Based off of this information, I feel as though I would more than likely become a Plant-Based Vegan and a Junk Food Vegan. I honestly cannot give up the luxury of having pizza and french fries in my life. I'm sure I will have to adjust to the taste but it will be worth it.

Most people go vegan for one of two reasons: they want to be healthier and think going vegan is the only way, or they've done research, and are completely appalled at the cruelty and treatment of animals.

My reasoning of going vegan is mostly the first one, and a little bit of a personal reason. I want to have a much healthier diet. I am a firm believer that the majority of the food we eat cause the majority of the diseases we have in our bodies. This is because we don't do research on what is in the food that we are consuming on a day to day basis. Also, financially speaking, I've recently created a budget, and I am putting way too much money out on food.  And I want to reduce that amount immensely. Some may say that going vegan is more expensive,  but I will determine that because I'd rather spend $100 in groceries and cook at home, then go out and buy food and spend almost $200 without even knowing it.

That's all I'm going to talk about today. I just wanted to share some facts about veganism and let you all know what I have decided to do. I also wanted to share this journey with you, and see what you all think. I am also going to leave some videos that I watched that informed me about veganism.

Edgy Veg: Going Vegan! How to Go Vegan in 10 easy steps!

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Until next time,
-Mikey :]

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