Black Friday 2016

Hey Guys, I know this post is going up later than anticipated, but I really didn't have time to post immediately after Black Friday. Plus, I also wanted to space out my content instead of posting everything back to back, and then not knowing what else to talk about, lol.

Nonetheless, Black Friday was a success. I didn't go on a full out shopping spree, but I did invest in my wardrobe and snagged some great deals while doing so. Now, I know you were probably hoping for pictures of everything I bought, and I really wanted to do that but it was an EPIC FAILURE. Literally, the pictures came out horrible. I figured, I would just figure out nice outfits, and show them off rather than take pictures of the individual pieces and post them. 

But that does not mean I won't tell you all what I decided to purchase. So here it goes!

JCPenny (not pictured): Red Velvet Blazer - $40.00, originally price - $140.00
H&M:Grey Hoodie ($20) and Brown Knit Sweater ($10)
G. H. Bass & Co.:Mallard Classic Duck Boot ($80, orginially $135)
J. Crew:Vest ($35, orginially $80)
By the way, everything linked are similar pieces, everything in the store was not online, I just found similar pieces.  

I don't think I did too bad, honestly. I didn't over indulge, and that was completely fine. I feel as though, I purchased staple pieces in my wardrobe that will help enhance my style. It's not always about having many articles of clothing, it's about essential pieces that can be worn in multiple outfits in multiple ways. That's the creativity in fashion! Styling the same piece in many different ways! Lord knows I love this!  

I also went thrifting and found some great pieces. Be on the look out for thrifting post soon. Hope you enjoyed your Black Friday!

-Mikey :]

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