How To Style: Tan Wool Coat

Outfit Details:

This post is beyond late! I swear I've been so busy! But nonetheless it is here!

Essentially, the wool coat should be your statement piece. By this I mean, everything else should be fairly neutral to ensure that it doesn't clash or overpower the coat.

Style Tip: Monochromatic colors (All black, all denim etc.) is what i highly recommend when styling. 

As I said before, you do not want to take attention away from the wool coat if it is your staple piece. In this out fit, it was my staple piece of clothing, the article that I wanted to stand out the most. I got several compliments on my outfit this day and people loved how I decided to style it.

If you're simply wearing it as an over coat, then don't stress you can wear it however you like. But if this is your staple piece then my tip will suffice. 

Style Tip: Accessories enhance the outfit but can also hurt the outfit.

Accessories are meant to enhance your style and your outfit, however you don't want to over do it. And this goes with anything regarding style. As i keep mentioning, the wool coat is the statement piece, this is what you want people to notice. Therefore, anything that will deter your audiences attention from your statement piece is a NO .

Hope you enjoyed my first "How To Style" post. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, I'm more than willing to hear your opinions.

Until next time, 
-Mikey :] 

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