Adventures in RVA!

As a child, I always looked at summer as time to explore what life truly has to offer. I didn't really get to grasp this concept until now. This summer is, hopefully, going to be my last summer of just relaxed fun and working. I wanted to ensure that I enjoyed capitalize the most out of it. 

Be a tourist in your city

It doesn't take much to enjoy summer. Life is about the simple things, right? It costs zero dollars to explore your city. Sight-see places you normally wouldn't travel. This brings for great memories to be made without truly traveling outside of your hometown. 
For me, I decided to travel to Richmond, and explore. My car just got fixed and I've been itching to hit the road and get out of my comfort zone. During my time in Richmond, I enjoyed the beautiful wall art and shops on Cary St., then decided to enjoy some time at Short Pump Mall. All in all, the mini day trip was a breath of fresh air, and motivated to take more trips this summer. Whether it be an hour away, or right at home, do it! You'll thank yourself and me later. I promise!

As for my outfit, I went for a comfortable relaxed fit. My pink tee is from H&M's basics collection. My ripped olive green chino pants are from ASOS. My classic cheetah print sneakers are also from ASOS, these are definitely a favorite of mine, especially with all the walking I did this day. 

Until next time, 

-Mikey :]

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