Life can be Overwhelming . . .

In today's outfit, I decided to wear my green L.L. Bean turtle neck. Which I found while thrifting, such a great deal, such a great brand. This forest green turtle neck works really well various shades of brown and tan.  

I paired this turtle neck with my H&M distressed light wash jeans. I feel as though this light wash denim paired with this forest green turtle neck really help each other out through contrast. The dark against the light makes this outfit more stylish and more appealing to the eye. 

Finally I finished this outfit with my beloved Tan Woolcoat from ASOS and my suede brown chelsea boots from Nordstrom. A perfect simple outfit for a day on the run. It's best for going to class, work, and evening running a few errands afterwards. 


There are plenty of times where I get overwhelmed. Believe it or not, I'm always stressing out about something. I am always caught in something due to trying to balance everything from school and work to content creation on the blog to trying to enjoy my twenties, I'm just always caught up. However, I never allow it to get me down. 

Although, Life can be overwhelming, it's not a reason for us to remove ourselves from our goals. As the ambitious people we were created to be, we have to keep striving even when it feels as though the world is on our shoulders. 

Adjusting to classes, work, and extra curricular definitely has me in one of these moods. I think I just need a break for a bit, so I can focus on myself.

By the way, I'm currently on a fitness journey to build some muscle! I'm going on a trip to Miami in March, and can't wait to bring some of that content to the blog! Stay tuned for that.

Until next time,

-  Mikey :]

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