Red Bomber + Track Pants

Ever felt like spicing things up in your wardrobe? Well, Red will definitely do that for you. I decided to try out something new within my wardrobe. I have so many pieces that I never pair and never wear out. Therefore, in 2018 I wanted to take more risks with my style. 

Today, I paired my red bomber from H&M with a black turtle neck and these track pants I got from Forever 21. The red bomber adds a pop of color and style. I actually purchased this bomber back in 2016 and wore it once. It was about $60 and it was a special edition David Beckham bomber or something. It was an impulse buy to say the least. Be sure to check out H&M, they're having a surplus of bombers lately and I definitely plan to purchase more.

The turtle neck is a simple black turtle neck from amazon for about $10. The track pants, which have to be my favorite piece in this look, were about $20 from H&M. They fit so well and give that pop of color needed to any outfit. I absolutely love the stripe on the side of the pants. They are extremely comfortable, they fit so well, and they are versatile. You can wear them with a plethora of styles. You may be seeing these pop up on the blog again. 

I simply finished the outfit with Black Chelsea boots from H&M and black sun glasses from ASOS. Nothing too fancy. 

Until next time,

- Mikey :]

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