Living Like Mikey is a lifestyle blog that focuses on menswear fashion and street style. I use this as a creative outlet to truly demonstrate my sense of style to my readers. I use this platform to inspire others, and to share my life experiences with all who are willing to learn.

Mikey is currently a Virginia native pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications (Public Relations) from THE Standard setting, Hampton University. With an interest in digital media, graphic design, mens fashion and styling, Living Like Mikey was born. 

My advice is for anyone pursuing a dream! Don't give up and invest in your dreams!! I can't stress this enough, in the time I was not posting, I had gotten discouraged, but I knew this was something that I really wanted to do. Therefore, I took time to get my mind and motives together. Then I believed and invested in myself, and I could not be happier! You can do it! The sky is the limit!

 -Mikey :]
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